Food safety research centre to open next year

Massey chosen as site for food safety research centre

Global Food Safety, Madrid

Collaboration is takeaway message, says event organiser

Picture: Danone. Examples of the firm's products

Danone Nutricia: The more we know the more we have to solve

GFSI food fraud graphic

GFSI to require food fraud mitigation requirements

Yves Rey of Danone France says the industry must unite to tackle food safety and security concerns.

Danone: How will we feed 9bn people?

The conference was held at the Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin

What we know now that we didn't know before

Kendall Packaging achieves GFSI certification

Kendall Packaging joins FSSC model developed by Coca-Cola

Danone to sue Fonterra over WPC botulism recalls

Danone to sue Fonterra over WPC botulism recalls

Eurofins and Danone in partnership with outsourcing of lab

Eurofins to take over Danone’s infant nutrition analysis lab in Germany