Norway investigates Salmonella outbreak


Norwegian authorities are investigating an outbreak caused by a rare variant of Salmonella Typhimurium.

FSA: Fact that breaches of rules are identified and corrected demonstrates process is working. Picture: ©iStock/frotog

FSA hits back at poor abattoir hygiene claims

Picture: ©iStock

Local authority sampling decreased 11% in 2016/17

Food safety recall round-up

Recalls: Botulism, insect excrement and cleaning fluid


Aussie firms must take crisis planning more seriously

Pic copyright Anton Paar; L-R: Harald Kainz (Rector, TU Graz), Horst Bischof (Vice-rector of research, TU Graz), Jakob Santner (Anton Paar)

Anton Paar measuring instruments to be used at TU Graz

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Food Outbreaks

©iStock/Mamuka Gotsiridze

Swedish Salmonella outbreak from Polish eggs

Eight Salmonella strains linked to outbreaks from papaya

Eight Salmonella strains linked to outbreaks from papaya

Food safety recall round-up

Recalls: Cadmium, mycotoxins and Salmonella

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The ViewPointSystem VPS16 Smart Eyewear for industrial use. Picture: ViewPointSystem.

ViewPointSystem 'Smart Eyewear' wins contract with Bavarian Brewery

Research is over a four year period

CWI and Meyn look to boost poultry quality control

pyrrolizidine alkaloids in honey were only known to a few respondents. Picture: ©iStock/Anetlanda

German survey identifies mercury and dioxin as most well-known contaminants

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Regulation and safety

US and Canada doing Whole Genome Sequencing but without a combined bioinformatics infrastructure, said McAlpine and Robach. Pic: ©iStock/luchschen

NAFTA talks a chance to create joint risk assessment body


GMB: CETA trade deal sets bad precedent post-Brexit

Vytenis Andriukaitis speaking at EP Plenary session

Almost 600 fipronil alerts in RASFF - Andriukaitis

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Industry news

Dinant is known for its Yummies snacks. Pic: Dinant.

Dinant’s snacks plant granted HACCP certification

©iStock/Piotr Adamowicz

FoodLogiQ secures funding to help growth push


GS1, IBM and Microsoft look at blockchain

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Lab Technology

Jenway Genova Bio UV/visible spectrophotometer

Jenway spectrophotometer targets life science applications


Phenomenex ends distribution agreement with Brechbühler

Edwards air cooled dry vacuum pump range

Edwards launches dry pumps for LC-MS and ICP-MS

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Popular News

Food safety recall round-up

Recalls: Botulism, insect excrement and cleaning fluid


Conveyor belt possible contamination hotspot in Listeria outbreak

Picture: Institute of Milk Hygiene Vetmeduni Vienna

Listeria reacts to and blocks cleaning and disinfectants through genetics




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