The BSE scandal, the avian flu, and the recent horsemeat scandal has emphasised the importance of full traceability of the meat supply chain. ©iStock/

Supply chain performance not profitability at heart of food firms’ voluntary sign-up


EU and China collaborate to combat food fraud

The project will help countries quickly detect fraud and contamination with the help of portable tools, such as this X-ray fluorescence detector. Picture: IAEA

IAEA and FAO go mobile to tackle food fraud


Elemental Profiling helps trace shrimp back to origin

Picture: ENEA

ENEA using IR laser technology against food fraud


Meat and fish top JRC fraud round-up

Fera test finds species origin of gelatine-based products

Fera Science unveils gelatine identification method

Paul Brereton speaking at the event

Food Integrity: China consumer view and impact in fish industry

Mislabelling composition was the main area of concern for food fraud cases. ©iStock/Anetlanda

Mislabelling dominates Food Fraud Network cases

Food Integrity conference in Parma

Food Integrity: Organised crime and Italian authenticity

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