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FSSAI lab staff trained to test mycotoxins, pesticide and veterinary drug residues

Researchers found an association between S. Chester infection and shrimp consumption. ©iStock/Somsak Sudthangtum

Increase in Salmonella cases suggests persistent contamination source

Work is focussed on alcoholic drinks as a model of a complex matrix but the aim is for it to be used for all beverages. ©iStock/monticello

Fraunhofer and Döhler looking at microfluidics for beverage safety

Validation confirms results within time-frame of typical production shift. Picture: Yarok

Yarok’s E. coli and Listeria modules validated by microbiology lab

Resphera Insight and CosmosID tools were used for high-resolution profiling of 16S rRNA amplicons and whole genome shotgun data. Picture: iStock

FDA explores Listeria growth and detection in ice cream

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More ESBL exposure through raw or undercooked beef - RIVM


PwC to help ISO standard compliance

Ms Ugene can process three sets of microbiological tests on TCM and food products in 14 minutes.

VIDEO: Meet Ms Ugene, the state-of-the-art Singapore robot testing TCM and food products

Opening of the first Nigerian Food Safety and Investment Forum. Picture: UNIDO

Nigeria holds forum on food safety and trade

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Pathogen contaminating seafood identified by researchers

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