Food safety recall round-up

Recalls: Norovirus, Clostridium botulinum and Salmonella


K-Bar Dairy recalls raw milk due to Brucella concerns

Maradol papaya

Almost 150 sick by Salmonella from papayas

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Campylobacter illnesses in Wales linked to raw milk

Previous outbreaks have been linked to various types of imported fresh produce

EU countries urged to look for Cyclospora following recurring infections

Food safety recall round-up

Recalls: E. coli O26, cyanide and unauthorized additives

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Athletes at World Athletics Championships hit by gastro outbreak

Picture: ©iStock. Tuna from Spain has been linked to the outbreaks

‘Hundreds’ sickened by histamine poisoning from fish

©iStock. Past outbreaks have been associated with imported fresh produce

Cyclospora cases continue to grow with link to Mexico

Maradol papayas from Carica de Campeche farm are the likely outbreak source

Cases in papaya Salmonella outbreak climb over 100

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