Mesutronic introduces entry level foreign body detector

Using x-ray, foreign matter is detected based on the evaluation of the difference in density between the product and the contaminant. Pic: ©iStock/Sauliakas

Mesutronic Gerätebau has released its new X-Ray inspection system for packed food products, called easySCOPE.

The company claims the system offers an easy entry into this method of foreign body control for newcomers to X-ray technology.

“The machine is moderately priced and contains a range of components that don’t require much maintenance,” Bernd Reiner, product manager of Mesutronic, told BakeryandSnacks at trade fair ProSweets Cologne.

According to the company, the system detects metallic and non-metallic contaminants, such as glass, stones or plastics using X-ray technology.

How it works

Electromagnetic waves are emitted by the generator, which penetrate the product, while non-absorbed radiation is picked up by diode receivers. Foreign matter is detected based on the evaluation of the difference in density between the product and the contaminant.

Reiner explained the standard application has a product throughput of 200-300 pieces per minute at a conveying speed of up to 1.2 meters per second, however, the equipment has also been successful in scanning up to 600 8g granola bars per minute at a 1.5m/s conveying speed.

“The detection accuracy of aluminium-packed or other highly conductive products usually exceeds that of conventional magnetic field-based metal detectors several times over,” he claimed. 

The easySCOPE is BRC- and IFS-compliant, as well as meeting all legal standards in the food industry. The built-in statistical functions aid in accurately logging of all events. The machine’s design also prevents liquid and product residues to accumulate, decreasing the risk of microbe growth.

Touch screen

According to Mesutronic, the machine’s development focused on ease of use for the operator.  “The easySCOPE contains an industrial PC that allows it to operate intuitively,” Reiner said.

“All relevant functions, processes and recordings can be accessed on the high-resolution, 15-inch touch screen, while various image processing and detection algorithms round off its advantages.

“All this at no additional cost,” he added. 

Mesutronic Gerätebau, headquartered in Kirchberg im Wald, Germany, has been manufacturing metal detectors, metal separators and X-ray inspection systems for more than two decades. The company supplies customers worldwide, especially in the food, pharmaceutical and hygiene industries.

The company will be presenting its new system at CFIA, being held in Rennes, France, on March 7-9.

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