Liquid sterilizer provides alternative to hydrogen peroxide

A liquid system for sterilizing aseptic packaging provides diaryprocessors with a cheaper alternative to hydrogen peroxide solutions, its manufacturer claims.

Minnesota-based Ecolab announced this month that its Enviro San and ES-1000 liquid sterilant hadbeen registered for use by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), paving the way for itseventual release on the market.

"Enviro San and ES-1000 will help dairy beverage bottling facilities lower their aseptic packaging costs by reducing the operating temperatures, raw materials and freightcosts," said Tom Schnack, Ecolab's vice president and general manager of food and beverageoperations in North America.

The product is designed for use in the aseptic packaging of low acid dairy beverages inpolyethylene terephthalate (PET). The two part system consists of Enviro San, a peracid-based solution, and ES-1000, anantimicrobial adjuvant. Ecolab claims that the ES-1000 allows for sterilization with lower concentrations of peroxyacetic acid.

Used together the two products allow processors to use lower operating temperatures than wouldhave been required for hydrogen peroxide sterilizing solutions, reducing energy costs, Ecolabclaimed.

The lower temperatures also gives processors the option of using lighter weight containers, which can help reduce costs in materials andfreight, the company said. Sealed containers of low acid dairy beverages sterilized with Enviro San and ES-1000 can be transported at ambient temperatures and do not require refrigerated shipping.

Kimberly Underwood, Ecolab's vice president of dairy and beverage marketing said the companyanticipates the products will be commercially available in 2007, following approval by individual state EPAoffices.

Ecolab, a public company, had 2005 sales of $4.5bn, providing products for industrial cleaning, sanitizing, pest elimination,and maintenance.

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