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WGS can address multiple questions in one experiment - study


Whole genome sequencing (WGS) clearly separates outbreak isolates from background isolates, according to a study.

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FSA: Trials show industry data can be used to assess compliance


Microbac takes CONTROL with Sample6 partnership

FSA seeks comments on open data approach

FSA sets out approach to publish meat and dairy hygiene datasets


EFSA awards €1m to research projects

MERS-CoV is likely not driven by consumption of camel meat or milk. Picture: iStock

Continuous challenge to identify and mitigate emerging pathogen risk - Metabiota

One call alleged a cigarette butt was found in a bag of chips. ©iStock/kosmozoo

Insects, a human nail and cigarette in food make list of advice line calls

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Arkivum partners with Thermo Fisher Scientific on data safeguarding

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Fresh Strips in SPIE Startup Challenge


PHE: Campylobacter at lowest level since 2008

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