Could banning cargo offloading put an end to seafood malpractice?


A worldwide ban on transshipment of cargo on high seas maybe the only answer to endemic environmental and human rights abuses in the seafood supply chain, despite an inevitable rise in costs, say researchers.

The Vertu Lateral Flow strip test reader

Vicam test detects Ochratoxin A in coffee and wheat


Exova accepts £620m takeover bid from Element

BANQUET branded Chicken Nuggets with Mac & Cheese meal

Supplier ingredient causes second Conagra Salmonella recall in a month

The OX-TRAN 2/12 oxygen permeation instrument. Picture: Mocon.

Ametek to acquire Mocon for $182m, expanding into the F&B package testing market

Food safety recall round-up

Recalls: Histamine, norovirus and cream contamination


Lexagene to have prototype of on-site testing device by end of year


Rentokil: Data must be tailored to pest risk and environment


Loy-Lange Box explosion contained 330°F hot water at speeds of 120mph

Picture: ©iStock

Tackle mycotoxins early in value chain - Bühler

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