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Ecolab: Sanitizer can help processers boost plant productivity

Synergex has been trialled by fluid milk producers in Australia and Canada

Ecolab has introduced a mixed peracid sanitizer and disinfectant for dairy, food, beverage and brewery processors.

Synergex is designed for use on most hard, non-porous surfaces and in clean-in-place (CIP) applications. It is available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Ecolab said it helps processors improve productivity and reduce environmental impact when used with its’ inline monitoring system, 3D TRASAR Technology for CIP.

The coupling of chemistry and real-time monitoring promotes faster decision making and improved compliance with food safety regulations, it added.

Nick Alfano, Ecolab executive vice president and general manager, Global Food & Beverage, said combining Synergex with 3D TRASAR technology and technical expertise, allows it to provide greater visibility into customer challenges.

“Our technical experts analyze this information and partner with customers to implement corrective actions that help safeguard food safety,” he said.

“Synergex and 3D TRASAR CIP further advance Ecolab’s leadership position of utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technology within our customer base to help produce food safely while reducing energy and water use.”

Ecolab has more than 36,000 3D TRASAR IoT systems installed in customer locations throughout the world backed by a global monitoring and analytics center in Pune, India.

The firm claimed Synergex features an antimicrobial agent to protect against pathogenic microorganisms, yeast, mold and spoilage organisms and it reduces day-to-day variability in quality levels.

“For fresh milk, Synergex has been shown to reduce day-to-day process variability by up to 40% while increasing days of quality assurance by up to 15%,” said Kristine Williams, vice president, Research, Development and Engineering, Ecolab Food & Beverage.

“Increased quality assurance is critical as processors seek to expand distribution channels and offerings, reduce waste, and improve profitability in today’s highly competitive market.”

The closed-loop dispensing equipment, designed with a quick-connect drum closure, reduces exposure to the concentrated product and the formulation has fewer volatiles than traditional mixed peracid and peroxyacetic acids, helping to improve air quality and reduce odour.

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