Pittcon will be March 7-10 in Atlanta

Pittcon 2016 to welcome 100+ new exhibitors

Pittcon runs from 6-10 March 2016

Food safety features in Pittcon Technical Program

Omics approaches in food analysis was another session stream on the final day

RAFA: Chromatography is not ‘sexy’ and food contact migration

RAFA 2015: Day 2 highlights

RAFA: Nano, EU projects and US food safety work

RAFA is organised by the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague and RIKILT Wageningen UR (The Netherlands)

RAFA: Solving food fraud, citizen science and Nestlé analytical results

FQN, as a media partner, will be reporting live from the symposium

FQN heads to RAFA 2015

MALDI-TOF is used in a variety of applications including food analysis

MALDI-TOF MS subject of PHE draft standard

Waters Corporation mass spectrometry headquarters in the UK

Waters: Mass spectrometry HQ will open tech up to more people

The Progenesis QI Version 2.0 for small molecule data analysis

Waters introduces software for growing omics data analysis

Vicam unveils Afla-V AQUA aflatoxin testing system

Aflatoxin testing method removes need for organic solvents