FQN attended the BVL and JRC symposium in Berlin

BVL and JRC focus on early recognition of food crises

Photo L-R: Kurt Johnson, R-Biopharm Inc.; Samuel Godefroy, INAF; Jesse Vincent-Herscovici, Mitacs; Renée Michaud, INAF; Carl Viel, Québec International; Yannick Riou, Diana Food; and Yves Desjardins, INAF.

R-Biopharm invests $250k to create allergen management centre

One of the recalled products

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Event Watch: Food safety event agenda for May and June 2016

Picture: Nestle Canada

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A panel held on quality culture - led by Danone and featuring Nestlé. Wegmans, Accenture and Mondelez

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Sebastian Hielm presenting at GFSC 2016

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