©iStock/piotr_malczyk. RQA predicts there will be around 340 product recalls related to allergens in the US this year

Cross contamination, labelling errors and fraud behind allergen recalls

Christeyns UK becomes sole owner of Klenzan and Rentokil Initial makes acquisition. ©iStock/tsartsianidis

Christeyns UK buys remaining stake in Klenzan

Using x-ray, foreign matter is detected based on the evaluation of the difference in density between the product and the contaminant. Pic: ©iStock/Sauliakas

Mesutronic introduces entry level foreign body detector

Picture: Luke Hartsuyker website

Australia and Bangladesh discuss food safety standards


Kiwa PAI upgrades SOFHT membership

Picture: R-Biopharm

Milk allergen first target of validated reference material portfolio


Safe Food Coalition condemns President Trump’s ‘bean counting standard’

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Four tools to help fight food borne illness & boost food safety efforts


D.L. Newslow and HACCP International name Ronald D. Mathis as EVP

Picture: ©FAO/Lea Plantek

Canada contributes to Codex and OIE budgets