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Bonamar launches irradiated crab meat


Angeon eyes ‘$8bn diagnostic testing market’ with InstantLabs investment

All irradiated foods must be labelled. ©iStock/kiboka

Irradiated ground beef approved in Canada

Food safety recall round-up

Recalls: Allergens and continued Listeria concerns

Researchers found an association between S. Chester infection and shrimp consumption. ©iStock/Somsak Sudthangtum

Increase in Salmonella cases suggests persistent contamination source

MERS-CoV is likely not driven by consumption of camel meat or milk. Picture: iStock

Continuous challenge to identify and mitigate emerging pathogen risk - Metabiota

Witt's gas analyser PA 7.0

Witt gas analyser measures trace oxygen levels

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More ESBL exposure through raw or undercooked beef - RIVM

Food safety recall round-up

Recalls: Histamine, Bacillus cereus and Listeria

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False Salmonella information, Moldovan support and dairy seizures

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