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Continuous challenge to identify and mitigate emerging pathogen risk - Metabiota

MERS-CoV is likely not driven by consumption of camel meat or milk. Picture: iStock

Outbreaks such as Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) illustrate continued challenges to epidemic preparedness and the ability to identify and mitigate emerging pathogens, according to Metabiota.

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Eurofins Listeria detection kits backed by AFNOR

3M Molecular Detection Assays for Listeria and Listeria monocytogenes

Three 3M assays receive NF Validation

Resphera Insight and CosmosID tools were used for high-resolution profiling of 16S rRNA amplicons and whole genome shotgun data. Picture: iStock

FDA explores Listeria growth and detection in ice cream

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Tecna ELISA kits target zearalenone

Ms Ugene can process three sets of microbiological tests on TCM and food products in 14 minutes.

VIDEO: Meet Ms Ugene, the state-of-the-art Singapore robot testing TCM and food products

Chromogenic Agar for Salmonella Esterase (CASE)

Neogen improves colony colours in chromogenic media

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Labs would have allowed non-compliant sample on market

A pre-production Changhong H2 in action

Chinese start-up gearing up for launch of food-sensing smartphone

Crystal Diagnostics to sell pathogen platform in Australia

Crystal Diagnostics signs distribution agreement with LabGear Australia

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