Bruker reveals focus for applied markets


To understand the food safety and quality landscape we sent a Q+A to several companies in industry to discuss highlights of 2016 and to predict what this year could bring.

Ms Ugene can process three sets of microbiological tests on TCM and food products in 14 minutes.

VIDEO: Meet Ms Ugene, the state-of-the-art Singapore robot testing TCM and food products

Picture: iStock

Arkivum partners with Thermo Fisher Scientific on data safeguarding

The FluidX IntelliXcap. Picture: Brooks Life Science Systems

Brooks Life Science Systems launches capper/decapper

The NucliSENS easyMAG system. Picture: bioMerieux

BioMerieux issues recall due to potential inaccurate test results

Hamilton Storage's Verso S1 SE

Sample storage and management help from Hamilton Storage


BioPorto platform validated on Qiagen’s lateral flow system

BGI played a role in the 2011 E. coli outbreak in Germany

BGI expands with new Seattle office

Picture: Anton Paar. The contract signing in Graz: CEO of BaySpec William Yang (left) and Nils Bertram of Anton Paar OptoTec.

Anton Paar purchases Raman technology

Reading Thermal Scorpion Software

Reading Thermal aids with FSMA kill step validation compliance

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