Detection of density: The metal can files

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Metal cans are more challenging to inspect than low-density containers because the packaging presents a higher density to the x-rays.

Schematic diagram of the ULF-MRI system using HTS-SQUID

Researchers develop novel food inspection system

SensAction applies acoustic waveguide technology in a mobile instrument. Picture: Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser strengthens quality measurement portfolio


Coca-Cola investigating ‘human waste’ claims

Picture: Viavi/ESPROS. Multispectral sensor chip

Viavi and ESPROS collaborate on sensor and developer kit

Counterfeit bottles were prevented from being put on the market. Picture: iStock

Police investigating counterfeit spirit claims

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Brewery sanitation: 5 tips for brewers looking to clean up their act

PolyOne dairy additive approved by Chinese Food Approval standards. Picture: PolyOne.

PolyOne dairy light blocking additive approved by Chinese Food Approval Standards

Food safety recall round-up

Recalls: Allergens and continued Listeria concerns

Work is focussed on alcoholic drinks as a model of a complex matrix but the aim is for it to be used for all beverages. ©iStock/monticello

Fraunhofer and Döhler looking at microfluidics for beverage safety

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