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Dairy processor hit with wastewater discharge penalty

Idaho Milk Products will pay a $170,000 penalty - EPA

Idaho Milk Products will pay a $170,000 penalty to resolve Clean Water Act violations related to the discharge of wastewater, said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The wastewater, which goes into the city’s sewer system, routinely failed to meet the federal water quality limit for acidity (pH).

From March 2009 to July 2012, EPA found that Idaho Milk Products exceeded the pH limit 138 times, the facility has now taken steps to ensure future discharges meet standards.

Low pH wastewater is corrosive and can compromise the integrity of the wastewater collection system pipes, leading to potential leakage. Low and high pH can negatively affect bacteria and micro-organisms that break down sewage.

Ed Kowalski, enforcement director for EPA’s Pacific Northwest Regional Office, said: “Discharges from industrial facilities that exceed standards can impact water quality in downstream waterways and jeopardize the integrity of the treatment facility.”

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