Regulation and safety

Fake olive oil in Brazil, Czech’s check honey and Spanish seizures

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We are back with what will be a monthly round-up (GFSI and Pittcon got in the way!) from food safety agencies wider than the English-speaking ones.

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CDC revises tracking of foodborne illness trends


Could banning cargo offloading put an end to seafood malpractice?


Loy-Lange Box explosion contained 330°F hot water at speeds of 120mph

Expect fewer regulations and more enforcement under Trump

Nutrition regulations likely will languish under Trump, but enforcement for food safety will increase

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State Council repeats calls to get tough on food safety


Companies urged to speak out on Regulatory Accountability Act

Health risk from pesticide residues is low, says EFSA

Health risk from pesticide residues is low, says EFSA


CFIA and ANSES reinforce collaboration

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FSSAI moves to regulate organic traceability

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