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ACD/Labs launches informatics platform to put data in one place

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ACD/Labs has released an updated version of their software platform at Analytica 2014 in Munich.

ACD/Spectrus Platform enables organizations to apply chemical context to their spectroscopy, spectrometry, and chromatography content.

It allows raw or processed data from different instruments, across laboratories to be combined into a single uniform environment for processing, interpretation, reporting, storage, and re-use.

David Hardy, MS product manager, at ACD/Labs, told FoodQualityNews.com that the ultimate aim is to capture the knowledge and put the data to good use later on.

“We have algorithms that can take data such as GC-MS and in the case of a customer who has a manufacturing process they are happy with a particular run and define that as the gold standard, if they get a sample returned with some form of contaminant in, the software can compare that against the gold standard and try and determine what the contaminant is.

“Once the contaminant has been determined or even if it hasn’t been determined maybe you’ve just got a mass of something, that can be stored in the Spectrus database and can be referenced for future use.”      

He added analytical data could include mass spectrometry, NMR, chromatography, curve data and chrome data.

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