Novel food vehicle suspected in Salmonella outbreak

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Truffle oil was implicated as the likely source of a 2015 Salmonella Enteritidis outbreak, according to a study.


BfR to work more with Portuguese-speaking agencies


WGS can address multiple questions in one experiment - study

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Dried surrogate bacteria could help with process validation, FSMA compliance

The bio-based pouch. Picture: VTT.

VTT creates 100% bio-based stand-up pouch for crisps, potato chips and muesli

When the efficiency of farms is measured by yield, organic methods have been shown in numerous studies to underperform by around 19 – 25%. For some crops this figure can rise to as high as 30 or 40%. ©iStock

Organic is a single part of a sustainable food system, and only works in certain contexts: study

Ukuku (left) and chemical engineer David Geveke steam-clean a cantaloupe. Picture: Lee Chau

Steamy solution to ensure melon safety

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Comparable MLVA results achieved between labs

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Research round-up: Listeria, GBS and “smart” compounds


EFSA awards €1m to research projects

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