Tackle mycotoxins early in value chain - Bühler

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A European project and practical experience has shown cleaning and optical sorting can reduce mycotoxin levels, according to Bühler.


Arc-Net and Clear Labs named in food and ag-tech accelerator

Scientists create bio-film. Picture: AIPIA.

Scientists create bio-film from sweet potato and thyme

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ScanTech Sciences to open ECP food treatment center


Counterfeit alcohol consumption not just due to low prices - study

MCR 502 rheometer. Picture: Anton Paar

Anton Paar and Purdue investigate flow characteristics of fine powders


JRC finds 14% of honey samples to be adulterated

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Analytical methods to detect coffee adulteration reviewed

Picture: FBR-DLO. A positive result of specific amplicons (via a sandwich approach resulting from use of tagged-primers in the multiplex PCR) that encode genes of E. coli O157 virulence factors

Dutch project scaling up multi-analyte methods

Photo: FAO/Carl de Souza. A man beating a bush with a stick to show desert locusts swarming near Fada, Chad

FAO calls for integrated approach to food chain crises

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