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Food labs looking to make better use of resources - Agilent


To understand the food safety and quality landscape we sent a Q+A to several companies to discuss highlights of 2016 and to predict what this year could bring.

Picture: CDC/Jessie Blount

CDC revises tracking of foodborne illness trends

The Vertu Lateral Flow strip test reader

Vicam test detects Ochratoxin A in coffee and wheat


Exova accepts £620m takeover bid from Element

The OX-TRAN 2/12 oxygen permeation instrument. Picture: Mocon.

Ametek to acquire Mocon for $182m, expanding into the F&B package testing market

Picture: Bruker

Bruker opens demo facility in China

MCR 502 rheometer. Picture: Anton Paar

Anton Paar and Purdue investigate flow characteristics of fine powders

Picture: ©iStock

Analytical methods to detect coffee adulteration reviewed

Picture: FBR-DLO. A positive result of specific amplicons (via a sandwich approach resulting from use of tagged-primers in the multiplex PCR) that encode genes of E. coli O157 virulence factors

Dutch project scaling up multi-analyte methods


Why versatility is vital for pesticide quantitation and screening workflows

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