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Chain reaction: Advion launches prep-free food testing method

07-Aug-2014 - By Jenni Spinner+
Advion has introduced a probe for its compact mass spectrometers that eliminates the need for sample preparation.
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The company’s line of compact mass spectrometers now offer a probe designed to save time by cutting the need for sample preparation.

Advion has launched the  Direct Analysis Probe, geared toward use with its family of compact mass spectrometers (CMS). The devices are designed for fast, reliable analysis for foods, beverages, and other products.

No preparation

David Patteson, CEO and president of Advion, told FoodProductionDaily food safety and quality professionals likely will find the elimination of the need for sample preparation a welcome update to the laboratory equipment.

"The holy grail of mass spectrometry is direct mass spectrometric analysis without sample preparation; the Direct Analysis Probe enables this," he said. “Customer sites already using the Direct Analysis Probe with the CMS rave about the simplicity and productivity gains and are surprised at the affordability of the system.”

Rapid testing

The Direct Analysis Probe sample introduction, referred to as ASAP (for atmospheric solids analysis probe) uses a glass-melting-point capillary introduced into the CMS. To test, laboratory professionals dip the closed capillary end into the sample, or scrape the surface, then insert the capillary into the CMS for analysis.

Advion will be showing the Direct Analysis Probe sample introduciton method at the American Chemical Society National Fall Meeting, scheduled August 10-12 in San Francisco, in booth 1007. Additionally, the company will be discussing data culled wtih its recently introduced ion source during a workshop at the show on August 11.

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