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Agilent unveils triple quad LC/MS with smaller footprint

Agilent Technologies' Ultivo triple quadrupole mass spectrometer

Agilent Technologies has launched a triple quadrupole liquid chromatography mass spectrometer (triple quad LC/MS) with a smaller footprint.

Thermo's Altis Triple Stage Quadrupole mass spectrometer

Needs for targeted quantitation evolving each day - Thermo

Shimadzu and Phytronix Triple Ion Source

Triple Ion Source will improve productivity - Shimadzu


PulseNet International pushes uptake of whole genome sequencing

©Waters. Direct analysis MS data are imported into LiveID. A total ion chromatogram from 10 collections (upper) and an example MS spectrum (lower) combined from area in orange

Software enables real-time info on samples - Waters

Sciex X500R QTOF system

Sciex expands use of SWATH data independent acquisition technology

Only a limited number of elements such as Zinc, Aluminium, Titanium, silver and/or their derivatives have been documented as possible INMs befitting food applications.©iStock

Nanomaterial’s growth in food use reined in by health risks: Review

Anton Paar's Middle East Technical Centre

Anton Paar boosts presence in ‘vital’ Middle East market

Picture: iStock

Eurofins boosts genetic testing footprint

Phenomenex site for GC R&D and manufacturing in El Dorado Hills

Phenomenex opens gas chromatography facility

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