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Sciex rolls out fix for mass specs affected by pump failure

TV 801 pump with single bolts. Picture: Sciex safety notice

Sciex is starting to install safety kits on mass spectrometers that had to be shut down due to the potential for the pump to fail and eject metal fragments.

FQN attending GFSI Conference and Pittcon

Meet FQN at Global Food Safety Conference and Pittcon

Agilent's Folsom Technology Center

Agilent expands chromatography capabilities in California

Picture: iStock

LGC builds reference material portfolio with acquisition

(Image: iStock/Tsyhun)

Agilent developing new applications for mass spectrometry system

Agilent presented the kit at analytica China 2016

Agilent launches application kit to screen for veterinary drugs

Expansion starts at Agilent site with completion in 2017

Agilent to double production capacity at Fredrick Campus

The Intuvo 9000 GC System. Picture: Agilent

Agilent: 'It’s not just about analytical performance anymore. It’s about making GC easier'

Picture: University of Adelaide

Agilent helps launch carbohydrate analysis lab

Agilent did not reveal the price of the deal. Picture: Istock

Agilent Technologies to acquire assets of iLab Solutions

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